About Us

Synergy I.T Solutions PVT.LTD is IT Based Company. It is registered at
company Register’s Office, Ministry of Industry, under Service Industry. The head
office and service facility are situated at New Baneshwor 10, Kathmandu, which is
one of the prime location for business in Nepal.
This company was establish with an intention to bring something new unique and
modern aspects in the Nepalese IT scenario. We are competitive professional and
service oriented
Background. IT industry is growing globally at fast pace and to provide best
products to customer to meet their expectations is very challenging we are
committed to meet the expectations. Since, this is our area of excellence and we
are fully confident that we can serve our clients in best possible manner. Our last
record of performance proves it. But this is not the stop. As one always thrives for
betterment of our company will also advance to serve you again and again.. The
best possible ways.